Coon Dogs and Classic Cars
580 Smith Brewer Road
 London, KY 40744
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Owner: Herman Bowling

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About Coon Dogs and Classic Cars
Growing up I have always loved coon hunting, many nights spent in the woods with my Dad.  Brothers and Cousins.....following  that old Red Bone Mose, yea Red Bone he was the best in those days! I could always depend on Mose, he would meet me at the end of road after school and was always ready to hit the woods later that evening. He was ready and willing to run them old  Coons here in the Mountains of Kentucky. Many late nights spent waiting on that old dog, or walking to a tree with Coons in it. Guess he gave me the drive to continue to do what I love .....
Committed to helping our customers find their true love, horse power or tree power, it's your choice!
As a small kid hunting was in my blood, now older it is still there. Lingering on as time goes by, the love of Coon Hunting just get's better with age, it makes you feel like a kid again! Seen here is one of my Dollar Pups about 4 months old.
Dollar Pup 4 Month old pup  AKA ( Shaker) 
As with hunting I can remember the days of the Old Muscle Cars when my uncles ran the 396 horse power cars up and down our old roads, tearing up dirt and black top with the 396 Engine and 4 speeds. I knew as a young boy that I would one day become an OLD CAR Buff. Who knew as a young teen that one day a hobby would turn into a great Classic Car Business, now over 21 years later Herman's Classic Cars, LLC is still delivering restored and restorable Classic Cars to our local Community, with sales reaching Nationally and International. Thanks to our many customers whom have purchased their vehicles from 

Delivering HORSE POWER to many old car buffs......a Licensed Kentucky Dealer for over 21 years.

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Above is Bill at about 3 months old.....Shown here in the photos now 8 months old. 

What a personality for a pup!
Dollar Bill